“ASP replaced my pool liner two years ago, it took awhile for it to come in but that is exactly what Mr. Chandler said. And when it did arrive he and his crew was on it like gang busters, they had to drain, rip out the old liner, repair old wood, pull out tree roots and build up the base and repair my steps, before they could even think about putting in the new liner. After they were finish I was very impress with the follow-up phone call and the follow -up visit. I have been maintaining and servicing the pool myself and this year I think that I will leave it to the professional’s. I had only one service call since with my Polaris and they showed me how too take care of that. I am very happy that Albany Ga. have a choice when it comes to getting your pool service, repaired and parts. ASP have been there when I needed them. Thanks” — L. H.

“Top notch repair work! Called them, they came out and diagnosed my pump on the spot! Other companies wanted to replace but they(ASP) did minor repair and runs like new! Will use them again!” — K. G.

“ASP Pool in Albany is the ONLY pool company to use if you want professional, state of the art equipment and top notch service. HJ Chandler will give you honest advice with reasonable expectations – hard to find in the area. Our pool was re-built by ASP after problems surfaced years after another company built and serviced our pool incorrectly. You can trust Chandler, owner of ASP, to perform your weekly maintenance and all repairs. Call him!” — W. W.

“I’ve used ASP for 3+ years. I’ve found them to be efficient, courteous, and dependable. They do the job right the first time and are quick to respond to questions or problems. I pan to continue using their services and would recommend ASP to potential customers.” — L. S.

“I have been using ASP for 2-3 years and have been very satisfied. The pool looks and stays in a lot better condition when I was maintaining it myself, often with the help of a pool service provider. The price is fair and service is friendly and consistent.” — B. C.

“The last thing I want to do after a week of work is mess with my pool before I am able to enjoy with the family. ASP does a great job of making sure our pool stays perfectly clear and clean. They do a terrific job and for a very fair price.” — P. F.


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